Payment Links

Many card machines do not allow you to take payments over the phone (card holder no present).  But sometimes you need to take a payment from a customer but they can’t visit to pay in person. The solution is the Beans App Payment Links.

The Payment Links feature solves this problem allowing you to send your customers a unique link so they can pay a set figure via debit or credit card.

Creating a payment link

Payment links are created in Settings – Financials – Payment Links. Payment Links can only be created by Administrators.

Existing payment links are shown in the list and can be edited via the 3 dots.

To create a new payment link click on +add

Link Name – give the link a name, this will be seen by the customer so you could give it the customer’s name or event name i.e. Acme Ltd

Description – provide a description of the links use i.e. Outside catering 12/12/18 (this will be seen by the customer)

Expiry – One-off or provide an expiry date. One-off means that it will accept a single payment, then expire so it can’t be used again. If you select a date the link will accept unlimited number of payments until that date when it will automatically expire.

Location – You can select the location this payment link is associated with. This allows the revenue to be attributed to that location.

Payment Amount – Set the amount of money you want the customer to pay. This is a fixed figure and requires full payment by the customer.

Payment Link – This will show once you have saved the payment link. This is the web link you send to the customer. You can view your payment link web page by clicking 

Active – The payment link will be active by default but you can untick the box to de-activate it. If the link is NOT active it cannot take payments.


Sending a payment link

Edit your payment link to copy your unique payment link URL.

Highlight the link and right click and select copy (or ctrl c). You can now add this in an email to your customer, asking them to pay via clicking on the link.

Using a payment link

The customer clicks on the unique link in the email and it will open the Payments page

The link will show your company name at the top and your logo.

The payment link name & description followed by the Payment Amount.

The customer must add their email address for the receipt to be sent to.

They then click the ‘Pay’ button and securely enter their credit card details. If payment is successful they will be informed.

Each time a payment is made by a customer an email is sent to your Company Finance email address (Settings – Company – Financial email) to notify you.

Viewing payments

All payments can be seen by editing the payment link.

The number of payments on your link can be seen in the Status section.

The amount paid can be seen in the Status section.

To see individual payments click on ‘see payments’ this will show details of each payment against this link.

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