Beans provides all the tools for the day to day front of house tracking of financial information for your cafe.

  • Setting of daily targets
  • Daily takings record
  • Summary of takings
  • Track & report overs & unders
  • Record outside revenue (outside catering etc)
  • Compare targets vs actuals by day & month


The dashboard is a snap shot of the performance of each of your coffee shops or cafe’s. Example elements on the dashboard include:

  • This week/last week revenue vs actual
  • This month/last month revenue vs actual
  • This weeks individual days takings
  • Graph showing this weeks revenue

Daily Takings

Although your epos may produce a Z report, the chances are you want and need more information. 

Our experience shows that the current epos systems miss out on many of the basics (like safe counts).

We allow your staff to enter in the key data you need at the end of every close.

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